What To Know For Whale Watching Tour In Seattle?

whale watching tour in seattle
whale watching tour in seattle

Seattle is one of the most stunning and fascinating cities in the United States. Not only because of the natural beauty of Seattle which is surrounded by Puget Sound and waters of Lake Washington. But also because of its popular activity that grabs tourists all over the world to come, that is whale watching tour in Seattle.

Tourists are dying to see Seattle’s Whale jump in open water. Therefore, Seattle provides tourists with a whale watching tour. Watching wales could be tricky sometimes since we cannot ensure their appearances. That is why make sure your tour provides a return trip as complimentary. Some tour does provide it. Now, here is something you need to know before you add whale watching tour on your bucket list:

1. Where to See

Tourists can enjoy whale watching from Seattle or San Juan Island. Travel from Seattle means you will have a short drive from downtown. There, tourists will reach Alki Beach which has a popular spot to see a glimpse of Orca. Remember to bring your binoculars and a pair of slippers to cover your feet.

Meanwhile, the best place to catch a sight of whales is in San Juan Island. Famous for its Friday Harbor, San Juan Island offers intimate and unforgettable moments with whales. Here, tourists can see an Orca whale, humpback, as well as killer whales in their natural habit.

2. When To See

Usually, Ocra whales pass the island in great numbers when salmon runs are strongest. Normally, it will be in mid-May and mid-October. But, it is also possible to see whales throughout the year. Even though in several months like February, March, April, late October and November only 50% of them appear.

3. What To Bring

Be like a real tourist when you decide to watch whales in Seattle. Therefore, you need to prepare some of these stuff like a hat, binoculars –it’s a must-. Sunglasses, sunscreen, sneakers, and snacks to keep your mouth busy. Most importantly, bring your camera and make sure its battery is fully charged.

4. Why It’s a Worth Seeing

Whale watching is worth seeing because it’s not something you can experience every day. Besides, this activity is very relaxing during a busy day. Meanwhile, after finishing whale watching travelers are having a chance to explore the island. Remember, San Juan is rich in wildlife.

Another reason whale watching is a must-do because of their near extinction. By having a chance to see them, is allowing you the opportunity to pass a story to your relative or family. Furthermore, it is also possible to grow empathy and caring feeling to this mammal.

5. What to Avoid

There is something better to avoid while having a whale watching tour in Seattle. Avoid watching them for more than 30 minutes because it will distract the whales. Sound of the vessel’s engines confusing them while they are food looking and breeding. Moreover, feeding the whale can cause the dependent of human touch and decrease their animal instinct.

Finally, Seattle is an exquisite and fascinating city. Complete your journey by experience whale watching tour in Seattle and catch sight of this beautiful Ocra Whale. For sure, if you happen to experience it then it is a dream come true. With a whale watching tour, Seattle is settled.