The Most Useless Inventions The World Has Ever Seen

the most useless inventions

The world is blossom when inventions made. But, what if some of those inventions are useless? And sometimes completely unhelpful. We are never getting the exact reason why people make those unspeakable ridiculous things? We have counted the 7 deadly sins in making the most useless inventions the world has ever seen. Here it is:

1. Butter Stick

The first thing in the list of the most useless inventions the world is a Butter Stick. Maybe you will enjoy the first time hear there is a Butter Stick. Therefore, you don’t have to use a spoon or knife to spread butter to your bread. Moreover, you will get a flash-back moment at your school time. Or, you just too lazy to spread butter to your bread.

2. Steering Wheel Laptop Desk

If the car is your new fancy work station, then this invention is yours. This invention enables you to work on your laptop which is attached to your wheel. More importantly, you have a cup holder to keep water nearby. Now we know that you love a tiny multitasking world. Happy working!

3. Baby Mop

The world is aware that you need to rest from all of your misery. So, here it comes, a Baby Mop. If you have a baby and your floor is dusty, then go put them into this amazing invention. Let them humble around and do your job. Seems like you need an army of the baby.

4. Walking Sleeping Bag

We all know you cheer for this product. It seems like your camping obstacle is solved. Nevertheless, have you ever look at the mirror when you are wearing it? You look absolutely gorgeous. Ninja turtles have never been this cool; you can carry your bedroom anywhere. Awesome.

5. Noodle Fan

Eating a bowl of steaming noodles is a big no. Now, your problem will be solved because of the noodle fan. Moreover, if you concern about health issues on blow on your breath to a food, then this is the solution. Noodle fan will be installed to your chopstick then it will blow fresh air to your noodle.

6. Screen Privacy Hood

Security needs a huge concern. That is why they invent a screen privacy hood. Now you don’t have to worry that someone may sneak up when you press your ATM security number. Or, if you are watching a porn site and you don’t want anyone to know it, then this is your thing.

7. Subway Chinrest

It is difficult to rest in a busy world like this. Even for a nap, it sounds impossible. But, since subway chinrest is invented, you can sleep everywhere. Even when you are standing in a very crowded subway, you can always take a nap. Sleep well, my friend.

We all know they do the above 7 deadly sins for a reason. It just seems that the reason is unclear. Meanwhile, we have to appreciate all of their hard work. Even though their invention considers as the most useless inventions the world has ever seen. We will spread the positivity by telling people how you work hard for this useless invention.