The Smallest Cities In The World You Should Know

Smallest Cities In The World

A group of people with a certain system of government is a State. In a country, there is a city with a small area.  As a result, some of them being the smallest cities in the world.

So that the central government and the territory of the country are not in one region. So, from all the countries scattered throughout the world, here are three countries that have the smallest cities in the world.

1. Vatican City, Vatican

In the first place, is  Vatican. Located in the City of Rome, Italy. Based on its land area, so then Vatican be the smallest independent country in the world. With an area of 0.44 square kilometers.

There are centers of Catholic churches throughout the world. Inside that, stored several artworks from the Renaissance. The country’s income was derived especially from the voluntary contributions of the Roman Catholic church from all over the world.

Then, this smallest state income comes from the sale of souvenirs and stamps, and museum entrance tickets. The highest minister in the Vatican is Pope Francis. While the head of government is held by a president named Giuseppe Bertello.

2. Monaco-Ville, Monaco

The position of the second smallest city in the world is occupied by Monaco-Ville. With an area only 2 square kilometers, excluding the sea area. The Monaco is a coastal area region and located in southeastern France that adjacent to the Italian border.

Monaco-Ville is known for its luxury goods, service industries, and gambling. As a result, this city is home to many billionaires. Monaco has a structured city setting and clean coves with leaning ships. As a result, Monaco is the most populous city with a population of 360,000.

3. Tomioka, Japan

The only people living in Tomioka are Naoto Matsumura (55). So, it makes Tomioka a lonely city. The city is in the ‘forbidden zone’ around the Fukushima nuclear power plant. The nuclear power plant was hit by aftershocks and aftershocks on March 11, 2011.

Melting of the nuclear power plant causes high levels of contamination to the surrounding area. The most contaminated area within a 20-kilometer radius around the NPP is still a restricted area. As a result, Naoto Matsumura became the sole resident of the city.

4. Male, Maldives

In Southeast Asia, there is one place as a tourist destination. So, with that reason, many people dream to be there someday. The place-name is Male. Male is the capital city of Maldives. Maldives is a tropical island nation located in the Indian Ocean. Famous for its coral paradise.

Male has many beaches, blue lagoons, and rare rocks. There is 1,000 coral there. Maldives has a fish market, restaurants, and souvenirs located on the main road, Majeedhee Magu. With an area only 140-mile square, consequently, Males entered into the list of the smallest cities in the world.

That is the list of the smallest cities in the world. A city is indeed a place to live to continue its life. Large or small areas are not a problem. Because it is only a measure of numbers. And the most important thing is being able to gather with your beloved family.