Illegal Animals You Shouldn’t Have As Pets In The US

illegal animal you shouldnt have as pets

Some people have a special interest in pets. The cats or the dogs seem usual, thus they look for another animal. These people usually own an illegal animal at their house. Actually, this is forbidden anywhere you are. Especially when you are the US citizens because the country has strict laws for certain species. Find out the illegal animals you shouldn’t have as pets when you are living in the US.

Hawaii is just a sample of the country in the US that has strict quarantine regulations. Other countries are Alabama, South Carolina, Nevada, and many more. But if you are not living there, it doesn’t mean you can have these animals. See the illegal animals you shouldn’t have as pets below. So, you will be far for any sentence because of owning them.

1. Bats

Perhaps you see the bats inside your home and want to catch it. Don’t ever try to do this in the US because it is illegal. The government protects bats for domestication. The only way to have it is by aligning with a legitimate sanctuary or scientific organization. For your information, the bats can live up to 25 years. But during the time, more people capture it, so its life expectancy becomes one year or less.

2. Sugar Gliders

As an exotic pet, many countries prohibit sugar gliders to be owned. Indeed, seeing them is as cute as the kittens. But, unluckily, you cannot have them at your house. It is because sugar gliders need a large open space. Also, as the nocturnal animal, they are noisy at night. Thus, the government doesn’t allow you to have them.

3. Hedgehogs

If you are looking for a cute, small, like a ball animal, then you will fall in love with hedgehogs. However, you are not able to have, even only one. This animal is controversial among activists and government. Just like sugar gliders, hedgehogs are also the nocturnal animal. Many countries in the US prohibit owning this animal, like California, Hawaii, Arizona, and others.

4. Slow Lorises

It is a native animal from Southeast Asia. But you can find them in Northeast India too. In several countries, like Japan or Russia, slow lorises can be easily found in the open market. Unluckily, their condition is very horrible. Sometimes people cut their back teeth. You can see their sweet through video. Don’t own them to keep their existence.

5. Quaker Parrots

People also know this animal as a monk parakeet. Even though they are not as big as an eagle, they have strong bones. If they are on the right hand, they are able to train to speak too. Sound interesting right? But don’t hope to have them if you are the US citizen. Many countries like Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and others, forbid you to have them.

You need to explore more about the illegal animals you shouldn’t have as pets in the US. If you really know the laws about it, you will never try to own them. If you want to see the exotic or other animals, you might visit the zoo. They are properly domesticated by the expert and legal institution.