How to Take Care of Rabbit as Pets

Rabbit is an animal that could both be a pet and also be cultivated for meat. As for pets, rabbits could be as friendly as dogs, cute as a kitten and playful like cats. Somehow, taking care of a rabbit might be tricky. Some kinds of rabbits like to jump and run, while others like to stay calm and rest. So, what the ways on how to take care of rabbit as a pet in a house?

Rabbits do not have ages as long as other animals. Some people also assumed wrong things about a rabbit that causes the illness that brought them to death. For example, since children, we are tough that rabbit eats carrots. Whereas, according to the experts, carrots are like junk foods for rabbits which contain high sugar. This usually causes the rabbit to interfere disturb. It might cause the rabbit to death. To avoid the wrong assumption, here are some useful tips on how to take care of rabbits

1. Require Calmness

Unlike other pets, rabbits need a cage to protect themselves. Only by looking or hearing some odd sounds (especially other animal sounds) could cause rabbit stress. If they stress too much and even get a heart attack it could cause death. Rabbits are sensitive; loud and sudden sounds shocks them easily.

2. Indoor Cages

Rabbits must be put indoors because they can’t tolerate the outdoor temperature especially when it’s hot. Make sure that rabbits are provided with big cages, big enough to move and lay down. The cage must be at least 5 times the size of the rabbit itself. Even though rabbits live in cages, rabbits should also be set free every day for several hours to exercise.

3. Adopt more than one rabbit

How to take care of rabbit so they could live long is with not letting them live alone. Rabbit is a social animal that would be happier when they live together. Rabbits could be a stress if they are lack of interaction and social. Even though rabbits are easy to adapt and interact with a human, sometimes rabbits still need more attention. Experts suggest to pet more than one rabbit for a better development and longer age.

4. Balanced Food

One of the trickiest parts on how to take care of rabbit is the feeding. Rabbits have a complicated digestive system so it is important to feed them right. Some foods that are suitable for rabbits are hay grass, dark green leafy vegetables and fruits.

5. How to Hold a Rabbit

As mentioned before, rabbits are quite sensitive. Holding a rabbit in a wrong way might cause the rabbit to rebel and broke their own bones. Some people lift or carry rabbits by holding on their ears which is a big mistake. Put one hand beneath the rabbit’s upper while the other hand lifts the under its back.

Having rabbits as pets is sure, not easy but nor difficult as well. Make sure to know the right things on how to take care of rabbit before adopting it.