Dog Grooming Prices, How Much To Groom Dog?

how much to groom dog
how much to groom dog

As a dog owner, you need to groom your dog regularly. So, what is good grooming anyway? How much to groom dog? Grooming is basically to clean-up a dog. It’s physical maintenance so they can look their best and feel the same way.

The cost to groom dog depends on their hair type and breed. Longhaired dog breeds might need a lot of grooming hair. On the other hand, shorthaired breeds don’t need much of it. The following are things that affect how much it will cost to groom ten dogs:

1. Bathing

Bathing a dog is not a fun activity to do when your dog is not used to it. You can imagine your dog running away from water after being soaked, dripping the water all over your place. But, once your dog gets used to bathing, they’ll become easier to handle.

It is advisable to bath your dog frequently at least once every month. But, if your dog seems dirty or smells funny, it is probably a good time for a bath. It will usually cost start from $40 for a small dog.

2. Hair Brushing and Flea Treatment

Hair brushing is an enjoyable grooming activity for your dogs. You can strengthen bonds to your dog while keeping its hair healthy. How much to groom dog on the hair really depends on their hair type.

When your dog’s done hair brushing, they will have a flea treatment. The groomer will give your dogs a special shampoo to get rid of the flea. It will cost around $15 to hair brushing and a flea treatment.

3. Teeth Brushing

Ideally, you need to brush your dog’s teeth every day. You can also use your judgments. If you think your dog’s tooth is still clean, you can brush its teeth at least every 3 days.

At first, your dog might not want to go for teeth brushing. But, it should be done to prevent plaque build-up, minimize the risk of gum disease. Moreover, it will cause tooth decay in your dog’s mouth.

Before you start brushing, make your dog sit still. You can start slowly and stop when your dog becomes unpleasant. Do this every day until your dog enjoy while you do it. Or, you can take them to the salon and you will spend around $10.

4. Nail Clipping

Do nail clipping regularly to your dog. You can start by holding the foot steady and gently. Besides, you can snip off bit-by-bit of end of each nail. But, you need to be very careful since there’s a blood vessel in the other end of its nail.

Usually, you can see this part as it shows a darker color inside the nail. If you are in doubt doing it yourself, just bring your dog to the salon. This will cost you around $15.

5. Haircut

Long-haired dog breed needs to do haircuts regularly. Because if they don’t, they will carry their hair weight and can cause problems for them and their owner. Generally, dog owners prefer a professional groomer to cut their dog’s hair.

Cutting hair at the salon will cost you around $40. Of course, the price will adjust the type and size of your dogs. Now, you are no longer asking a question about how much to groom dog, especially in haircutting.

Now you know about how much to groom dog. The price listed above is the average price that is usually used by many dog salons. Of course, the price will be different for each type of dog. Now, you can prepare your budget.