Shocking! Here Are Health Benefits Of Alcohol You Should Know

Health Benefits Of Alcohol

When you hear about alcohol, you will think that this drink had negative impacts. But, there also available health benefits of alcohol. Moreover, you can get these advantages only when you drink it in the right amount. When you drink it exaggerates, it will disturb your metabolism. 

Health Benefits Of Alcohol

However, many health associations recommend consuming alcohol between 1-2 glass. Alcohol is not that bad. Here are some health benefits of alcohol.

1. Good for Your Heart Health

Firstly, the advantage of consuming alcohol is making your heart getting healthy. European Heart Journal doing some research about alcohol. They get the conclusion that the right dose of the alcohol can make your artery dilated and your blood flowing smoothly. Besides, it can bring down blood clots and keep away the risk of stroke.

2. Increase the Amount of Good Cholesterol

Alcohol in wine especially from grapes fermentation can increase the amount of HDL or good cholesterol. As a result, it will protect your heart artery. In short, this can make your heart get healthier.

3. Prevent Cancer

Alcohol contains a compound called phenol. This compound had a function as an antioxidant that decreases bad cholesterol (LDL). Bad cholesterol can plug your artery and causing stroke. On the other hand, phenol can decrease the risk of cancer especially breast cancer.

4. Decreases the Diabetes Risk

Diabetes Care researching in 2005 and found that drinking alcohol can decrease diabetes risk. Besides, you only get this advantage when you drink it at the right dose. Women recommend drinking it in one glass and men in two glass. It is because alcohol can increase insulin and decrease sugar levels. As a result, your diabetes risk also decreased.

5. Prevent Cognitive Disorders

A scientist from Loyola University finds the fact that drinking alcohol in the right amount will decrease cognitive disorders. The disorder that decreases is Alzheimer’s, in more than 23 percent. Besides, alcohol also can make your brain cells stronger. It is important to resolve stress which is important for your mental health.

6. Resolve the Gallstones

Gallstones are hard sediment in the gall bladder. This kind of stone usually formed by cholesterol and caused stomach ache. To resolve this gallstone you can drink alcohol at the right dose. The advantage of alcohol also decreases cholesterol and affects cholesterol in the gall bladder.

7. Making Lose Weight

Alcohol is the second substance that had big calories under the fat. Many research finds a different result in the relation between alcohol and body weight. In conclusion, Drinking beer regularly can increase body weight. But, drinking wine can decrease your body weight because it contains low sugar.

8. Decrease Malfunction of Erection

The next health benefits of alcohol are to decrease the malfunction of erection. Journal of Sexual Medicine said that alcohol can decrease malfunction of erection up to 30 percent. Kew-Kim Chew, a researcher from the University of West Italy give recommends a man to drink alcohol in a normal dose. it is because there is no further research on this advantage.

In conclusion, there are many health benefits of alcohol as long as you consume it in the right dose. Make sure to drink it properly.