Education System In Finland Is The Best in The World

education system in finland
education system in finland

The education system in Finland is the best in the world in various versions. Including the World Economy Forum version. In 2000, the country even reached Literacy levels of up to 100 percent. Meaning that none of its citizens were illiterate.

This country has also used the same education system since 1970. What makes education in their country so advanced? This is the secret.

1. Children Must Not Attend School Before Age of 7

The education system in Finland, no one will accept a student if the student’s age is not even 7 years. As a result, all children under the age of 7 are only playing. Without the burden of going to school. The Finnish government set this policy

Children’s brains will be damaged if given lessons such as reading or counting before they are old enough. At these ages, children only playing more and explore their world.

2. 16 Children Filling Each Class

In Finland, you will never find classes crowded with students. The education system in Finland, each class is limited to 16 students. This makes students have more room to move. So they have room to experiment and make practical tools from what they have learned in class.

But the classroom is not the only place to study. In this country, most teaching-learning activities are carried out outdoors. So that the atmosphere is not boring for students.

3. Education System in Finland 100% Funded by the Government

Finland is one of the very few countries that provides free education to its people. All levels of education in this country do not charge anything. Here, you can get free education starting from elementary school, high school, high school, to college.

Even have graduated from college, have worked and have children. If want to learn something, the citizens also get free high school according to their interests. Even cooler, all schools in Finland provide free food for their students every day.

4. There is No “Smart” and “Stupid” System

After 7-year-olds enter school in Finland, the school will not take any tests. Their job is only to study, and there is no “smart” or “stupid” label. Directing children accord their interests and talents without coercion.

After six years at school, then an official test is held to measure the child’s ability. The test is only to measure ability, not to rank 1 and so on. Thus, no child feels himself “failed” because he got a bad grade in class. All who get poor test results will be guided more intensely.

5. Teachers Taken from the Best

The requirements for becoming a teacher in Finland are quite strict. They must have a master’s degree (S2) and must enter the ranks of the top 10 percent of graduates from their University. In this country being a teacher is an honor.

Being a teacher in Finland is the same pride as being a famous doctor or lawyer. The government also paying the teachers very well and there is no maximum limit on teacher salaries.

That is the Education system in Finland. Education is one of the most important aspects of our lives. With education, we can advance our standard of living and live a more dignified life. that’s why education is very important in life.