Peek Some Design App You Can Use For Planning Design

design app you can use for planning

The design app you can use for planning is very easy to find in the current era. Many teens use laptops or gadgets for useful activities. For example, one of them is design. There is a design application, along with an explanation.

1. Sketch Up

Sketch up is 3D modeling software that has an extensive database of user-made models. For example, this application is useful for sketching. Like sketching models, interior design, and making other design video games.

This software allows users to quickly and easily create 3D designs. So this is the design app you can use for planning. Who produce 3D designs in a short amount of time.

2. 3D Creationist

The 3D creationist is an application to create the simplest 3D models. So anyone can use it easily. The best thing about 3D creationists is the ease of use of the application. Because it is fairly complete with features.

With this 3D creationist application, you can build things. Like planes, cars, fortifications, snowmen, cartoons, cups and much more. In addition, 3D creationist provides quality results from the design. So this application is some design app you can use for planning.

3. Gravity Sketch

Free and fun iPad application. The Designer application can create characters. Like glass, furniture, rings, or other 3D shapes in plastic, ceramic and metal.

Also, it can create 3D designs with its style, as you wish. The results of the sketch can be shared on Facebook, Snapchat, or Sketchfab.

4. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is an application by the Adobe company. Special to editing photos is a specification of the Photoshop application. And some types of photoshop that famous include photoshop express, photoshop touch, and others.

The advantages of Photoshop, among others, are useful for manipulating photos. So many design tools can start making a design. That can be useful for making writing with certain effects.

5. Corel Draw

Application for creating and designing 2D graphics, which can create brochures, calendars, and invitations. And Its ability is almost the same as Photoshop. Corel Draw and Photoshop have in common that they can design but their targets are different.

The advantages of Corel Draw include vector-based image results, support for many export/import formats. And ease of use, there are many tools both selection and giving effects are the advantages of Corel Draw.


Is free software or application for graphic design. So GIMP is a Gnu image manipulation program that design app you can use for planning. And This software is an open-source that can develop for anyone.

This software is one of the design applications that use for design. Because, it is complete and easy to use features, especially for young designers. Therefore the graphic design results from GIMP provide quality results.

7. Adobe Illustrator Draw

An application that is useful for making images directly and can be edited. So Adobe illustrator draw is more intended for abstract graphic designs. This application has complete features and reliable facilities. However, it is quite hard to work on the layout.

They are some design app you can use for planning. So all of these applications can be useful for beginners who want to design.