Spend Your Weekends With The Best Show On HBO Now

best show on HBO

If you a series addict, HBO must be a popular platform for you. There are a lot of shows or series that are worth to binge-watch. From drama into thriller and other genres, HBO is home for good shows. Therefore, this article will talk about the numbers of the best show on HBO now.

HBO and Its Original Series

There are a lot of good shows that you can enjoy on this platform. A bit different from other streaming platforms, HBO is notoriously known for its quality over the quantity. So, HBO’s original series not only entertaining but also educating.

All you need is a cable TV or satellite package to subscribe to HBO. Also, you can stream your favorite HBO shows via the HBO Go app on your phones, smart TV, or tablets. So, it’s flexible and comes in handy.

Best Shows On HBO: What Series Should You Binge Right Now?

Here are numbers of the best show on HBO now that watch-worthy. Despite your favorite genre, I believe you still going to love these shows. Don’t worry, it’s spoiler-free!

1.  Game of Thrones (8 Seasons, 73 Episodes)

Game of Thrones probably the most-watched series on HBO. The last episode for the last series aired in May 2019. The shows mostly about the civil war of the medieval country.
When the summer ends, and the winter comes, the war begins. The characters fight to claim the throne with some dramas. Now, you better start watching it before you’re way too missing out.

2. Chernobyl (5 Episodes)

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on shows, this show can be an option. It’s about the history of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe that happened in 1986. This show will let you know all about it; what happened and the impacts of the historic accident.

3. Barry (2 Seasons, 16 Episodes)

It one might be for you, dark-comedy lovers. This show is about a hit-man (played by Tom Hardy) who travels a long way to kill someone. And, long story short he joins an acting class and tries to get over his job as a hitman. And the story goes on.

4. Big Little Lies (2 Seasons, 14 Episodes)

This show is based on the same-titled book by Liane Moriarty. It’s about a dark secret kept by five “wealthy” women that later lead to a murder investigation. Three big names took aport on this movie, such as Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, and Reese Witherspoon.

5. Succession (2 Seasons, 20 Episodes)

The next on the list of the best show on HBO now is Succession. The show is mostly about the fight between families who want to control the family company. Of course, the journey to becoming the heir is not that simple, that’s what makes this show is interesting.

6. Westworld (2 Seasons, 20 Episodes)

If you like science fiction, then you’re going to fall in love with this series. This series is about a very usual theme park that anyone who has a ticket can live their lives without limits. A lot of fan theories and assumptions make this show as a most-talked show since 2016.

Those were some recommendations for the best show on HBO now. Needless to say, they even are rocking out the streaming world right now. So, spend your weekends or any free-time with those good series. Don’t miss them out!