The Best Place To Watch Aurora And Gaze The Shades

Best Place To Watch Aurora

You must be amazed by seeing how beautiful the rainbow in the sky. But we assure you that it is mind-blowing seeing an aurora. Do you know the aurora? Well, we are not talking about a princess here. Aurora is a natural phenomenon when the sun collides with particles. It could be oxygen, nitrogen, and any gases in the atmosphere. Find the best place to watch aurora below and see its beauty.

Best Place To Watch Aurora

Furthermore, the aurora shows you shades of colors, like green, yellow, white, and red. It displays as arcs, patches, scattered light, and many more. Research shows that you can see the aurora in latitude with 3 until 6 degrees wide. It is about 10 and 20 degrees from geomagnetic poles, which is the “aurora zone”. In case you are confused, just see the best place to watch aurora below:

1. Alaska, USA

If you ask where to see the aurora, then people will answer Alaska, USA. This place is perfect because has clear and dark skies. Then, you will see the shades very clear. Even though the weather is cold, it is really worth to try. The best time is when winter and all spots in Alaska are the best spots. Have a camp and see this beautiful phenomenon.

2. Northern Canada

Find the beautiful scenery of aurora in Yukon and most sites in northern Canada. Another spot is Nunavut, it is also popular for tourists. Plan your trip to Canada from August until April. Then, you will see the aurora there. Keep your eyes for aurora overnight from your tent or caravan.

3. Norway

This destination is not only giving you their culture experience. But also Norway is one of the aurora spots. Walk around Norway and you will see the different show of aurora. You can choose spots like in Tromso, Bodo, Alta, Andoya, and many more. Be there from October to March is a perfect time.

4. Finland

Finland shows you a beautiful night from September to March. But be prepared because the weather is definitely cold. However, don’t be worry because you can stay in a glass igloo. Then, enjoy the beauty of the dark night through your warm bed. The northern site is the best place to watch aurora here.

5. Russia

You must know that Russia is a wide land. Thus, all parts in Russia is the best site to see the aurora. People say that Russia is a golden mine for aurora spotting. But if you can go to the Kola Peninsula is better. It is the best site among all.

You can also go to the northern place, such as Murmansk, Petrozavodsk, and Arkhangelsk. When is the right time? We would say from September to March is the best time. There is a special tour only to see the aurora. Camping is another choice. The important thing is to be in the minimal light pollution place.

Some people call the aurora as “Northern Lights” or “Neon Lights”. There are many places where you can see the aurora. As long as the site lies on the right latitude, then you can enjoy it. But, the best place to watch aurora is in those five sites we have mentioned above.