Best Comedy Actors In The World You Should Watch

Everyone needs to laugh every day. No matter how hard your day is, you are worth for entertainment even though from small things. One of the ways is watching a comedy movie. It is relaxing and sometimes you can escape from reality. But, however, the movie cannot build the atmosphere without its best actors. Here we tell you who are the best comedy actors in the world. You should watch their movies, at least once in your weekend.

The other reason why people like comedy movies because it offers a simple story. Sometimes the movie shows something we didn’t realize in daily life. Thus, a comedy movie is really enjoyable without having to think anything. Below are the best comedy actors in the world with their popular film. See the humor from them and prepare your stomach to be shaken.

1. Rowan Atkinson

“Silly” and “Innocent” are the right title to be put in the middle of his name. This is because of his actions as Mr. Bean. Indeed, people know him as Mr. Bean instead of Rowan Atkinson. Seeing how funny he is, you would never think that he had a master’s degree from Oxford. He speaks only a little in his movies. He is funny through his body language and actions. You will never stop laughing watching him.

2. Eddie Murphy

Actually, he is a singer too. But people know him more as a comedian. No wonder for his act, he was nominated and won many awards. His popular movies are Dr. Dolittle 2, Dreamgirls, and as Donkey in Shrek movies. He started his career by acting multiple characters and also joined the standup club.

3. Jim Carrey

Energetic is the trademark for his action. It is easy to find him in comedy movies. Because almost all his movies are popular. For example, Ace Ventura, Dumb and Dumber, The Mask, and Bruce Almighty are just pieces of his movies. Talking about winning the awards, it is amazing to see his list, starts from prestigious awards until audience awards.

4. Adam Sandler

If you want to see a funny romantic guy, then Adam Sandler could be the answer. He is also the screenwriter, film producer, and musician. His popular movies are The Wedding Singer, Big Daddy, Grown Ups, and Funny People. You can feel his funny from his voice through Hotel Transylvania film. He was the voice over for the Dracula. In 2014, Netflix announced that it had a deal with Adam Sandler’s production house, Happy Madison Productions.

5. Martin Lawrence

A standup comedian, producer, actor, writer, and host are about Martin Lawrence. He is a multi-talented guy with many awards on hand. One of his famous movies is Big Momma’s House. You will laugh out loud seeing him as a Big Momma there. Or, see his funny action with Will Smith in Bad Boys movie series.

Even though the comedy movie is predictable, this genre is worth to see anytime. There are still many comedians around the world. But, those five best comedy actors in the world above are legendary. Watch their movie and you won’t feel to spend the time.