7 Everlasting Iconic Fashion Items From Time to Time

As cool as you are with fashion, you must have seven of these items in your closet. Because of this layman stuff. You might not think that each has its history to become an iconic item in the fashion world. What are these iconic fashion items from time to time?

1. Jeans

The first iconic fashion items from time to time are Jeans. Did you know that this clothing has never been eaten since this age is more than two centuries old? Jeans were first discovered in 1871 by two people named Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. Strauss was selling various types of clothing at that time while Davis was a tailor. When getting an order, Davis makes a pair of pants for laborers that not be durable and not easily torn. Davis finally designed the pants in such a way using denim obtained from Strauss.

The name Jeans itself is from the name of the city, namely Genoa. Along with the development of the world of fashion, Jeans are becoming increasingly known in all directions and not only used by workers, but all circles and even celebrities.

2. Polo Shirt

The name is a polo shirt, but actually, this fashion item use not in a polo sporting event, but tennis. Rene Lacoste is a figure behind his discovery. Lacoste was one of the best tennis players in the 1920s. At that time, tennis uses formal clothes in the form of long-sleeved shirts and long trousers that felt uncomfortable. Finally, the polo shirt became one of the fashion icons as we know it today.

3. Backpack

There are many stories behind the invention of a backpack. But for the modern backpack model, as it is often worn today, we can look back to the backpack model that was first made by Gerry Cunningham in 1938. Cunningham was a fan of outdoor sports, and at that time he was trying to design a new backpack model that could bring his belongings to climb the rocks. He managed to make a model of a modern backpack made from canvas which has two pockets equipped with zippers. The results of this work finally inspired various backpack models decades later. And also made the backpack as the type of bag that is iconic fashion items from time to time.

4. Sneakers

Speaking of sneakers, each of you must have at least a pair of shoes in this model. Shoes with rubber sole have been made since the end of the 18th century but only became an icon in 1917. In that year, a person named Marquis Mills Converse designed basketball shoes under his brand, Converse. This basketball shoe design have the name “All-Star”.

To increase sales, Converse worked with a basketball player in 1921 named Chuck Taylor. Together with Taylor, Converse also successfully marketed his shoes. Even the All-Star model is the best-selling basketball shoes sold in history!

5. Little Black Dress

This minimalist short-cut dress with a plain black color is indeed never time-consuming and must always be in the girl’s wardrobe. You ladies must also thank Coco Chanel, the woman behind the creation of a little black dress or often abbreviated as LBD. Chanel designed the LBD for the first time in the 1920s. Chanel wants to make a dress that is versatile and can keep women flexible without forgetting the elegant side. Black is the color because it is neutral and graceful and so is this little black dress.

6. Aviator Glasses

This millionaire eyewear model was originally designed for airplane pilots, you know! Aviator sunglasses were originally developed by Bausch & Lomb (now known as Ray-Ban) in 1936. Before known as glasses for styles, these glasses to protect the eyes of both fighter and commercial pilots from the sun. The wide frame model aims to cover all areas of the eye’s reach. Because layman is using by the world of aviation, Aviator.

7. Flat Shoes

Also known as “ballet shoes”, flat shoes using by aristocrats centuries ago. After not famous, in the era of the 1940s, this cute and beautiful shoe model became famous again and became a fashion icon that survives until now.

I can’t believe that the things we use every day have a long history that can make them often used as they are today. Then what about the other items huh? Have you ever thought about who first discovered it? You can find out iconic fashion items from time to time.